Why your Training Needs Change!

Why your training must change over the years.

When it comes to the true definition of a powerlifter I am still a novice in the sport. It has been five years since walking my scrawny ass through the front doors of NBS fitness, starting with only a map (training program) down a road leading to strength. This “map” was bias toward squatting, benching, deadlifting, and at the time over-head pressing – which no longer happens – to direct me towards my goals. Over the last five years many things have come and gone but the main lifts always stay the same, here is what has to change to allow the progress to persist.


There is a phase in powerlifting where nothing comes easy, this is the time where good names fall into the abyss, burn in the fire, or decease to be remembered for anything in the sport. Years 5-9 are where you are in the trenches fighting for it and finding out what truly works. What works must change with time, change with ability, change with goals and without these changes you can only cash in so many times before that form of currency no longer is valid. This can be closely correlated with a business, particularly the NBS facility, that has changed over the years and I hear both ends of the spectrum. Some like it some do not, but one thing remains the same, there is still the best damn equipment to get better so shut up and get better or stay out of the way. What does it mean to navigate the trenches? It means that you will fail 100% guaranteed but need to be resilient and adapt to what that failure was. If you are unable to do that, this sport will chew you up and spit you out.




Have you ever eaten something you enjoyed so much that it starts to loose its flavor or degree of “aahhhhh thats good”? the same thing happens when training for strength and it is closely correlated with your training age and your current abilities. My first program was a basic 5/3/1 program and I progressed, I bet Id still have progressed till this day on that 5/3/1 STYLE of program but I would not be where I am today without the change in programming, not to mention, I would not know many aspects of different programs without experiencing new styles. As a resume some of the programming styles that I have experienced are as follows: “5/3/1”, “Concurrent” Block periodization, “Triphasic”, and currently “Gaglione Strength”. All these programs are drastically different but aid in the same thing. So how does this give diminishing returns? the program itself does not, it is the individuals that I see running THE EXACT same program over again that do not adjust percentages, numbers, and movements to aid their strengths and weaknesses. These individuals do not understand how to reflect on success (or failure) and implement the proper training protocols to adapt.


Training age will also have a significant impact or programming change, for the first time ever I had a training day removed from my program the closer I got to a meet. My coaches reasoning entailed risk > reward factor and I was under heavy weight that my body needed to recover from, while in a caloric deficit. All are variables that require change, as your training age increases – and actual age for this reason – the intensity of one’s loads increase, certain programs may not be sustainable for individuals as higher levels do to volume required under such heavy weight. All of these aspects are made easier with a coach (in my opinion) that can give you feedback without your own thoughts stepping in the way.





Just as exercises give you a diminishing return when done for an extended period of time so will your warm up. Coming into the gym and having a routine is fine but your body is resilient and can potentially (more than likely will) adapt to the warm-ups you are doing. They will become easier because your body is “educated” in the ranges of motion you are playing in and the movements you repeatedly do to get there. As your main lifts go up you will begin to find certain movements either do not feel good or, “just do not do it for you anymore”. This is why we have an NBS Fitness youtube channel which gives you numerous general warm-up variations to implement before training. General body warm-ups are fantastic for all ranges of fitness goers and depending on how competitive you are in a particular sport your warm-ups will become more specific to the movement of the day towards the end.

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