The Well Rounded Lifter

Life is about so much more than the Gym.  It’s easy, as a personal trainer, to get tunnel vision and believe that you have everything figured out when in fact you’ve become complacent in several important facets of life.  I have divided my life up into 5 areas that I refer to my sacred geometry to make sure that I remain balanced in all of my pursuits.  As you read about these 5 areas, please take time to reflect on your own personal Sacred Geometry and determine if anything is missing in your life.  Check your balance and see if there is anything that you need to do to obtain greater balance in your life.  This balance will enable you to once again move forward and progress towards your goals.


You have a serious problem if your relationship status on Facebook is “The Gym”.   So many people claim to be married to “the gains, the gym, or the pump”; the problem with that is if you are truly married to one of those things good luck when and if you have to miss time at the gym.  Last time I checked those three things won’t be there when you have an emergency in life.  You need to find at least 1 emergency contact to have in your life.  If you struggle making friends try reading the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  Learn to ask questions about other people and invest in their lives.  Share your time talents and time with other people, they will respond and you will find friends to hang out with and also you will find a group of people that may be willing to spot you so you don’t have to walk around the gym aimlessly looking for someone else that looks lonely.



Volumes can and have been written on the status of your finances and where you should spend your money.  I’m not an expert when it comes to finances, far from it.  I do know that if your finances are spiraling out of control, that you will eventually allow other things to fall by the wayside.  How will you get the gains if you can’t pay for your gym membership?  You have to establish your priorities.  Few things can get done in your life without your finances being in order.  The financial aspect of your life extends much further than just your bank account.  Invest in your career.  Learn all you can about your field and become an expert in it. It is possible to pay too much attention to your finances and let them dictate your life.  If you focus too much on your job and your finances you will miss life and everything that life has to offer.  I don’t know that I have ever met anybody that says they wish they had spent more time at work!


I am no psychologist, but I know how much your emotions dictate your life and your efficacy.  If you want a great guide to how you should live each day of your life, I recommend you refer to Coach Jimmy Valvano’s speech from the ESPY awards.  If you live everyday of your life like Coach V recommends then I think you will have a very full and successful life.

As someone that tends to lock in his emotions and bottle them up, I can officially tell you that this is not the greatest method of addressing your emotions.  You need to address your emotions or they will control you.  You can put off dealing with stressors for only so long until your emotions finally catch up with you and impact you negatively in every facet of your life.


Although some people like to believe so, the learning process never ends.  If you stop learning then something is definitely amiss in your life and you need to pick up a book and read immediately.  David Allen recommends that you read at least an article every day.  Always have a good book to read.  Currently I’m rereading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  It’s a great book and actually gives a lot of recommendations of things to read.  Think about it, if you read 10 pages a day you will read 3,650 pages in a year.  If the average book is 300 pages then you will have read the equivalent of 10 books in 1 year.  That is a lot of education and the internet is filled with books available for download all to enhance your life and make you a better person!  Never stop learning because it is a lifelong journey and process.



This is the one that all too many of us are familiar with.  This is the one that is incredibly easy for me to overcompensate on.  The minimum requirement is to be active.  You don’t have to always be in the confines of a gym to get on the road to health and fitness.  The journey often starts with just walking up the stairs.  This all depends on where you are in life.  However, the physical aspect of life is much more than just exercise as I’ve learned through experience.  The physical aspect of life is everything that is tangible in your life.  It’s how you view the physical world around you and how you see yourself in that world.

If you can get your life in balance I know that you will make the progress that you desire to have in your life.  Experiment on this Sacred Geometry and draw your own pentagon with the largest spaces dedicated to where you spend the bulk of your time.  If you’re spending too much time on the physical then adapt and dedicate some time to reading.  Evaluate yourself socially, financially, emotionally, educationally, and physically to see what areas you are lacking in and make the changes you need to in order to live the well rounded life!

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