We All Start Somewhere

Here I am, sitting in the office at NBS, staring at my computer screen for the past half hour trying to figure out what to blog about. David is out of town on vacation, and one of his clients just canceled on me for the 3rd time an hour before the session. One of the tragedies of personal training, people don’t give a shit about your time, they are full of excuses, they don’t realize that this is how you pay your bills. None the less, I still love it and at this point in my life, it’s what I do.

Back to my point, I was trying to think of something worth sharing, and I thought, why don’t I share some older videos of when I was weaker than I am now? From time to time I like to look back on a couple of them, and see how I’ve progressed since I started lifting at the best gym in Memphis. I want to share a couple of them with you, and I believe I actually have one for squat, bench, and deadlift.

Here’s a good ol struggle bus of me with about 335 I believe for 5. This was my first legitimate strength program, and it had me squatting on a box for probably 4 months. Never missed a squat with my buddy Anto spotting. Original video was taken on February 9, 2015. I had been on the team a little over a month. Now my most recent wrapped max is 540, and I definitely had more in there.




This next one is a definite fail! I believe I was pretty close to my meet I had last December in Little Rock, or my very first meet, cant remember. I had taken some singles before this, and then decided to go up. I think it was 250, or 255. Shout out to my old training partner Matt Fike. One time he was almost stronger than me….lol. Original video was July 1st 2015. Current max is 315.



The last video I’ve got is me sucking on some good ol deathlifts. I think it was probably around this time that I was getting stuck and was absolutely hating these! I was probably supposed to do 3, and I missed my 3rd. This looks like 365. FML! Original video was February 18, 2015. Current max on deadlift is 530


So, as you can see from all of these videos, I was pretty small, and pretty weak. Now I am still small and weak, just not as small and weak as I was then. All of the weights seen in these videos are now just warm up weights for me. I hear people and sometimes clients say they wish they could do this, or that, and lift a certain amount of weight, and I always tell them…you’ve got to start somewhere. Even the best of the best had to start somewhere to get to where they are today. If you really want something, stick with it long enough, and work hard for it, and eventually you’ll have it. Make sure you have someone to help you along the way because I guarantee you won’t get as far by yourself.

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