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Why Warming Up Before a Round is so important! Part 1

How many of you walk up to the tee, grab your club, take a few swings and then just let it rip? I’d bet a fair amount of money that the majority of you reading this are guilty. I know I am. But, why is it important we warm up properly? As I have mentioned in previous articles, golf is a rotary ballistic sport and puts a tremendous amount of force on the body. After reading this statement, hopefully, the majority of you do not need any further explanation. However, I’m sure a few of you will. Just like warming up before we train, it is important to warm up and prepare our body for the physical demands of golf. Not warming up properly will not only hurt our performance, but there is a good chance it could lead to injury. Just arrive a few minutes earlier than normal and do some light stretching and see how much it benefits you. Early next month, I will be writing the second part of this blog, which will contain a short warm-up that will benefit every golfer.

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