Wanting to help people is not enough

Do you like helping people look good and feel good about themselves? One way you can start helping people look good and feel good is by offering to cut people’s hair and giving them manicures. Oh…wait…never mind…sorry you actually can’t start doing that because it’s illegal. That’s right, it is illegal to to participate in cosmetology without a state license.

Okay no big deal, let’s try something else. Maybe you can work on people’s cars. You’ve been driving a car for years so you obviously must know all the complexities of how a car works. No? Hmm…

I know what you can do! You can sell fitness products! Beach body, Shakeology, AdvoCare, you name it! Painting someone’s nails is way too dangerous if you haven’t been to school for it and passed  a state licensing exam and of course a car is not nearly as complicated as the human body (read “exaggeration”) but oh well, you’re totally qualified to act as an expert and advise people on their nutrition, exercise, health, and wellness.

Obviously, this makes zero sense and is a huge issue in the fitness industry. I like helping people too but I’m not allowed to go prescribe medicine because I’m not a doctor. I get it though, you lost some weight and feel way better about yourself after following a protocol and now you’re fired up to help people feel the same way. I am all for that. Encourage people to exercise, to eat right, and to live a healthier lifestyle but please don’t start prescribing food plans and workout routines. If that’s what you want to do, go get the education, get the degree, get the certification, do the internship, and build the knowledge base needed to do so correctly. The human body is far more complex than a car and a poorly prescribed nutrition and/or exercise can do far more damage than cutting someones cuticle during a manicure. So, if you really want to help people, realize that wanting to help people is not enough.

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3 Responses
  1. Danielle

    What about getting your friends into the gym by showing them other well-known starting programs, helping them get in the gym and feel comfortable trying squats, and guiding them in a way that helps them figure things out for themselves. That’s okay, right?

    1. David Allen


      Absolutely it’s okay to get friend in the gym and get them started in the right direction. I was referring to selling products or services that someone may not be qualified to sell or acting as an expert.

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