Turn Leg Day Up a Notch with Plyo Complexes

Most of us are after well-developed, proportionate, and polished-looking legs. Legs that complement your upper body without overpowering it. Legs that are athletic and agile, as well as powerful.

So how can you develop legs that look outstanding, are highly versatile and downright explosive?

I like to do Plyo Complexes. These are a strength-oriented movement followed by a plyometric movement. So for example, you’d do a set of squats immediately followed by a set of box jumps. These are done for 3-4 rounds as a superset.

The strength movement potentiates the nervous system so you can display greater force during the plyometric jump. This is an amazing method to improve your speed and power.

Here’s how it looks:

Option 1
1a) Pistols: 3×3
1b) Step Jumps: 3×3

Option 2
2a) Sumo Deadlifts: 3×3
2b) Tuck Jumps: 3×6

Next pick 1-2 supplemental lower-body exercises and finish off with some calves. Many people are quad-dominant and do well with more emphasis on their hamstrings. In that case, I’d suggest doing some Romainian Deadlifts (RDLs), legs curls, or glute ham rasies to balance out your physique.

Here are my favorite supplemental lower-body exercises for leg proportion and balance:
1. Bulgarian Split Squats
2. Front Foot Elevated Split Squats
3. DB Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts
4. Single Leg Calf Raises
5. Straight Leg Box Jumps

You don’t want to be that guy that has a super strong and ripped upper body, but has average legs. The fact of the matter is that your legs are so crucial to excelling physically in life.

Until next time,
Corey Galbraith

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