Traveling: How to keep your plan together

My press credentials got confirmed this morning, so I am headed to NPC North Americans in Pittsburg this weekend.  As mentioned in previous blog entries, being a little more diligent to my nutritional programming in all circumstances has been a big priority for me this year, and traveling can cast some uncertainty.  Below are a few tips I have for traveling and staying on plan.


  1.  Look into what facilities you will have: If you are staying in a hotel, ask if there is a mini fridge/microwave in the room.  Most hotels do offer these bare-bones necessities.  Another great option is to rent homes through platforms such as airbnb.com, which will likely have entire kitchen set ups.  This will allow some cooking to occur during your travels.  I would also look into grocery stores near your location, so you know where to get fresh food once you land in your destination.
  2. Invest in a cooler: I cannot say enough about how hand iso-bags/six-pack bags/etc are.  These are becoming such a commodity that they are coming in various shapes and sizes from backpacks to purses.  These make keeping your food cool/heated and organized very, very easy.
  3. Keep it simple: Streamline what you are taking with you.  On the meals I pack for flight day, I eat the same three meals (or however many will cover the duration of the time I’m flying) that consist of chicken and rice and/or peanut butter.  The rest of the food, I pack in bulk and put in a huge, vacuum sealed bag that I label and put in my cooler with a food scale.  I bring only the essential supplements, and I make sure I check those.
  4. Consider individually sealed foods: Justin’s Peanut Butter, Minute Rice, and Tuna are all foods that can be bought in airport approved, sealed containers and require very little attention.  While they may not be the tastiest food on the go, these are great alternatives to packing tupperware full of cooked chicken and starches.
  5. Scope out the gym facilities near you: if you are staying in a hotel, they likely some accommodations for fitness.  As we all know, this often means a treadmill and an old elliptical and one of those weird benches with a leg extension cable hookup, but this can certainly at least get any cardio you have on the agenda handled.  Scout out gyms in the vicinity that allow you to train if necessary.  If I am close to an event, this is a very important step.  However, if I’m not, I will try and hit my priority training days before I leave and do what I can at the facilities where I am when I am there.


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