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Iv’e had a couple of people ask lately what we’ve been doing with out training, so I figured what better way then to show some recent videos of our transitional phase. We are now out of our gpp phase and are back on a 9 day microcycle with light, heavy, and medium days. However, we are still keeping our rep schemes pretty high and still aren’t doing anything like doubles and triples, still not time for that yet. This is the period of time that we are making the transition back to working with increasingly heavy weight. In addition to this, we are still keeping some conditioning work in our routine as well. Gotta stay fit! Hope you enjoy the videos to the sweet sound of Gojira, song title is Stranded, and it’s off their newest album. The only video that is missing is my medium competition bench day, last working weight on that day was 225x3x9.


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