There IS a “Team” in Strength Sports

Strength sports have many variables that can make or break an individual’s progression, reputation, and enjoyment of their sport. Some people believe that in strength sports it is only the individual who is responsible for the lift. They believe it is all about their mindset and that no one else can aid them in that. Personally, I don’t agree with these statements. The importance of a team in the realm of strength sports is vital. A team will help keep you accountable, form a bond with others and coach you to becoming great!

•The push “accountability” factor

Many people entering the fitness realm have an issue with making themselves show up (this is a major reason people hire personal trainers). The team aspect of strength sports offers this in the most hardcore way possible. When you do not show up a pillar is missing, the machine does not run as smooth and you affect the rest of the team’s training session. If your team is made up of stronger humans and they expect you to be around, you’re damn sure that will be motivation enough to show up even if you are injured. Beside the fact of not wanting to let your teammates down (who could eat you for a meal) the progression you will see being around like minded athletes will be unstoppable, that is if you just stick it!


• Coaching

Having teammates to aid you in your progression as a strength athlete is a key to success. There will be stronger, more knowledgeable teammates in your facility allowing for more experienced advice concerning your strength movements.  This will develop you as an athlete in a well rounded manner and allow you to seek out teammates to aid you in strengthening your weaknesses. Learning all these things makes you a more vital part of the team and puts you in line to help the next generation of strength athlete.


• The bond created from a team

To anyone that has been an athlete on a team you know the bond I am talking about. To those who have not, I would like to paint several pictures from my experiences being on a team and observing other teams in strength sports. Imagine four individuals that would drop what they are doing to aid you in a personal accomplishment, literally save your life if an exercise goes wrong, celebrate your birthday and other accomplishments outside of the gym with you. These are the things that come naturally to athletes in strength sports because the majority of people drawn to them are passionate for other’s success.


So next time you have the chance to be a part of a team in a strength disciplined sport, I urge you to take the experience head on and participate. I promise you will learn something (whether it becomes more than a hobby or not). You will develop self accountability, become stronger, learn how to coach others, and create a bond with some of the most supportive human beings that walk the planet.

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