The Ultimate Hotel or Traveling Workout

Are you one of those people that constantly travels for work, and you can never seem to fit in a simple workout, or never know if there is going to be a gym where you are staying? I know quite a few people who do tons of traveling for work, and this always seems to be the case for them. Wanna know what an easy solution for this problem is? Bands!! Yes, I said bands. Essentially rubber bands, only much larger than the ones you used to shoot at your friends across the classroom at school.

I actually use bands quite often in my training, as well as my clients training in a variety of ways. If you don’t know much about bands, they can be used in many different ways. They can be used to add even greater resistance to a barbell, which offers accommodating resistance to train our body’s natural strength curve. This basically means that our muscles can produce different amounts of force in different bio-mechanical positions being either weaker, or stronger in certain positions. The bands can offer increased eccentric force, which can increase our muscles’ stretch reflex, and that can be very beneficial to increasing our bodies’ ability to not only absorb more force, but to also produce more force.


These bands can also be used for movements as simple as bicep curls, or tricep push-downs. They can be used to keep you from sliding around on a bench if you are in a crappy commercial gym or hotel gym with poor equipment. They can also be used for mobility work and rehab/prehab movements! These bands can also be used to offer assistance in a barbell movement, as opposed to resistance. This can be a great tool for overloading a specific part of a movement, or lightening the load in a vulnerable position for your body, such as the bottom position of a squat or bench press. The list of their uses goes on and on. Not to mention how easy they are to carry around with you. They can pretty much be tucked away anywhere. You can store them in your gym bag, your car, or your locker.

If you are a person that has to travel constantly for work–or even pleasure, and you’re always struggling to find a place to get in a sweat, or maybe just do some recovery work, then these are exactly what you need. You can find these bands in different sizes, which offer a different level of resistance for each one. They are available in variety pack, or you can purchase them alone. I would suggest maybe buying about two to three different sizes, try them out and see how you like them. If they work for you, then stock up on more. They are pretty heavy duty and can take a beating. The more you travel with and use bands, the more creative you can get with the things you use them for. No more excuses now. I’ve added the links for a few bands I highly recommend. Feel free to reach out with any questions about bands or implementing the bands in your out-of-town training.

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