The Importance of Competition

Competition can come in many forms. While not everyone who walks through the doors of the gym is looking to compete at the highest level, I believe it is important for everyone to find some level of competition in their health and fitness endeavors, even if that means simply competing against yourself. This month at NBS, we are hosting two opportunities for athletes to compete: The RPS Powerlifting Meet: Memphis Classic, and the worldwide CrossFit Open. While the two events are very different in form, the competitive aspects are similar.

Competition at any level is healthy. It will give your training purpose, structure, and ultimately, will lead to better results. It’s also a lot of fun. Identifying your ”why” for competing is an important first step when choosing a competitive effort. You want to create an emotional connection to the goal, or making the necessary changes to your lifestyle and training will feel much more like an obligation than a choice.

Competition can be on a global, regional, or local scale, inter-gym or against yourself. No matter the level, the end result is the same: To show yourself, more than anyone else, that you’re up for a challenge and are willing to put in the work for a win. Competing will drive you to acquire and perfect new skills. Competing will hold you accountable. Competing will help you prove to yourself that you can do amazing things.

Not only can competition be empowering and open your eyes to your potential, but it can also inspire others. It’s practically impossible not to be inspired by the heart and sheer will witnessed during competition, not only by professional athletes, but by average folks who are clearly giving their everything for themselves or their teams under the bright lights.

Identify your competition, and always have a clear “why” in mind for committing to the process. Put in the practice, work, and lifestyle changes necessary. Enjoy the process. Inspire others.

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