Taylor 8/23/14 Events Day

Saturday was a bit of a shit show. Not going to lie. I spent most of the morning with NBS’s own David and Christian helping out one of our fellow trainers with an obstacle course benefitting the ANGEL program at one of the local schools here. For those not in the know, the ANGEL program helps provide autistic children with year round, intensive instruction to facilitate their learning. And as someone who works with autistic children at the local children’s hospital, I can safely say they’re a population often underserved and misunderstood. We had a lot of fun helping out and hanging with the kids, except for the fact that it’s hotter than the sun in Memphis right now.

Rolled on into the gym after working the course and got in around 1030 or so as the Llama Bears were finishing up. Hated having to miss the crew, but it happens. Got psyched up as best I could to get rolling and here’s what went down.


Keg Loads over 48″






Farmers, Keg, Duck Walk Medley for Speed

200/220/300 in 38 seconds.

200/220/300 in 42 seconds. Damn.


Attempted to go outside and do yoke and ended up burning myself on the friggin yoke. Yes, burning. It was that damn hot. Decided to close up shop there and live to fight another day. I’ve got this coming week of training to knock out and then deload a bit for Memphis’ Strongest Man. Should end up being a stout lightweight class if everyone who has verbally committed shows up to compete. I’ll be interested to see where I stand before I get serious this offseason about getting my deadlift right and getting stronger.

Back Tuesday for more fun. RE Lower should be gnarly.

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