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Taylor 8/21/14 RE Upper

Not a bad one overall again. I think the cube type layout really works well for my recovery rate. I can go hard each session without compromising my ability to recover. In reality, that’s really what all this is about. Can’t ever get better if you don’t recover. That said, I’m having difficulty reaching my face after tonight. Good stuff. Eccentrics on overhead presses are absolutely brutal for anyone that needs a particular way to hate themselves. I highly recommend it. Here’s what went down.

Axle Clean and Press

Axle x8
185×4(1+6) one clean with 6 presses. 5 second eccentric on each.

DB bench

90×5 lost groove. Meh.

Then I tried some of the triphasic stuff. Super setting DB oscillations with explosive band extensions. Felt a little weird, but my right elbow kinda hates me anyways.

3 Rounds

DB Oscillation (3+1 extension) x3


Micro Mini Extensions x8

Face Pull



Tired and sore from the DE day still. Made cleaning the axle a nightmare but we survived. Back Saturday for events and more fun.

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