Taylor 6/21/14 Events Day

Well, summer time is a hard time to be a strongman. The heat and humidity in old Sunny Memphis TN is brutal. Even starting at 8am, it’s still 95 by 11. It’s tough no matter how hydrated I stay. My body just struggles with heat, and always has. Even so, I have to put in work. So here’s what went down.



225x 3
405×1 @8

365×12, one rep every 15 seconds till failure. Ouch.

Farmers Walk

270×75′ x1. Failed second attempt. Also mis loaded weight. Oops

200×80′. Shit. Was trying to go further, but grip was shot.

Atlas Stone Series

200, 230, 265 x21 seconds.

200, 230, 265 x18 seconds. Left hand shot numb so I stopped here.

Now I’m eating and cleaning the house. So I can cook more meat and eat more tonight. Back tomorrow for some bodybuilding work.

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