Taylor 6/17/14 ME Lower

Yes, you saw that right. An ME day. Programming switched up to hit the gas leading into my meets this fall. Have adjusted up a day to 4 days a week. Training ME Lower on Tuesday, ME Upper on Thursday, Events Saturday, with a Bodybuilding Day on Sunday to hit whatever needs to be hit. Will likely be going in on Sunday afternoons because I can’t miss church, but such is life.

Programming has taken a unique turn as well. We’ve decided to approach strongman more from a sport/athletic standpoint rather than a “powerlifting that walks” standpoint. My strength is in my speed, and I will never be super strong in the deadlift or press quickly. All those gains will take years and years. In the meantime, if I can keep bringing those up but win every moving event, I’ve got a shot.

All that said, it kicked my butt yesterday. Here’s what went down:

Warmup/Agility incl box jumps and jump ropes etc

Axle Deadlift

405×3 possible PR
435×3 PR

SSB Squat

315×5 tweaked my back here so skipped down sets

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

40x2x8 my balance sucks

McGill Plank

10s/5s x5/4/3/2/1

45′ Scap Shrugs


Prowler Work

1) 20s work/60s rest
2) 30s work/45s rest
3) 40s work/30s rest
4) 50s work/15s rest
5) 60s work


Prowler didn’t suck at first, but the last two rounds were pure hell. Barely lived. But it’s going to make keeping my breathing controlled for medleys a joke.

Back on Thursday.

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