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Taylor 4/23/14 Deadlifts and Axle

So it turns out its best to ask the person doing your programming how they specify sets and reps. I’ve always written it as SETS x REPS, but Thomas does it the other way around. I figured this out about midway through this workout when my wrist started feeling weak and crappy and I decided to cut out early on the pressing to save it. Should have known I was in too deep with 10 sets of 3. Oh well. Here’s what went down:


Deadlifts, from the floor



315x10x3 yes ten sets of 3 reps. Ugh.


Axle Press, from Rack



175x5x3, 5 sets of 3 here before my wrist felt unstable and crappy.


Chin Ups

BW x3x10


BB Shrugs


Did something for abs but don’t remember. Oh well. Now I know how to actually read my program and hopefully won’t my a complete arse of myself for the upcoming workouts. Now I know better ,and can keep my head down and stay after it.

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