Taylor 3/26/14 Volume Pressing

Thus marks the first day of my evening training return. Waited until around 6:30 to head to NBS, and the drive took me 20 minutes instead of the hour plus it had been taking. I think I’m sold on late nights now. Anyways, went in still dragging a bit from a tough work week and not much sleep. Ended up feeling alright. Hoping to get plenty of sleep to catch up and subsequently go hard and heavy Saturday. Going to get some tips for my deadlifting from whoever is around that can help, as I think my biggest issue right now is technical instead of just weakness. I’ve got a heavy double scheduled so that should prove interesting. At any rate, here’s what went down Wednesday:

Various thoracic mobility, jumping jacks, etc.

Close Grip Bench
Bar x10

DB Incline Press

Face Pulls

Toes to Bar (Roman Chair due to achy shoulder)
30 Reps


It doesn’t seem like much on these volume days, but they’re working. I’m gaining size and typically pressing more reps at heavier weights than I ever have. A triple at 255 not long ago is a big deal when my previous 1RM was 265. Likewise on Deadlift, I think once I get my technical issues fixed, my weight for reps is going to be ridiculous. We shall see. I have high hopes for tomorrow, and a cheeseburger to get soon tonight.

Contest Update:
Just as a quick reminder, I’ve discovered the June contest date actually conflicts with a friend’s wedding that my wife and I will be attending. As such, I’ll be withholding my 2014 debut until the Refuge Barbell Classic August 2nd. It will be a very competitive and heavy show, and one I’m looking forward to competing in. Plus, it supports our friend Derek Stone, who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the sport. Should be good times. At any rate, it gives me plenty of motivation to get my deadlift up. Opening weight for the medley is 525, so I’ve got work to do!

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