Member of the Month

Congrats to our latest Member of the Month, Josh McNeil!

Josh is a former college football player who now works in Business Development for Energy Systems Group.

“I played college football (Go Vols!) and NBS is the closest thing I have found to the competitive and encouraging weight room atmosphere we had in college. Everyone at NBS is there to train hard, get better and most importantly help others around them get better.”

Since joining NBS in April, Josh has been focused on losing weight and increasing muscle mass.

“I recently dropped into the 250s which is a very big milestone for me. I was around 295 when I started training at NBS and my goal was to get to 250 and I have almost accomplished that in 5 months. I have also made good gains in strength from where I started.”

“With David doing my nutrition and Christian Anto handling my training I know I have 2 of the best in the business helping me meet my goals. I would like to especially thank my coach/trainer Christian Anto. Working with him has been a hard but extremely rewarding experience and I look forward to seeing where we get to in the future.”

Congrats to Josh on all his progress and for being the latest Member of the Month!


“I love NBS for the encouraging, friendly atmosphere from both staff and fellow members,” says Kim Rodgers Harrison, our latest Member of the Month.

She is a registered nurse at Methodist Germantown and joined NBS in February.

“NBS sets the bar high for its staff knowledge at teaching you proper form and technique, from power lifts to your basic dumbbell curls.”

Kim uses David Allen for both her online programming and nutrition. Right now, her focus is on continuing to get lean and growing muscle.

“I encourage anyone to come see for yourself NBS is without a doubt THE best gym in Memphis….I’m glad I did!”

Congrats to Kim for being named Member of the Month! We’re happy to have her as part of the NBS family.


Small business owner Yoshimi Graham started training at NBS in January of this year. She’s a part of our morning group-training crew. Her goal: Get Shredded.

” My daughter brought me in to train as a guest in December and convinced me that there is no place like NBS. I was overwhelmed when I came in and saw chains and other heavy equipment, but the people looked incredibly strong and knowledgeable.”

“I would like to thank my daughter, Yuni, for introducing and encouraging me to make the move to NBS Fitness. She saw how frustrated I was in my fitness progress and knew that my old gym was not getting me anywhere.”

Member of the Month Yoshimi Graham and NBS owner David Allen“The thing I value most about NBS is the atmosphere and the camaraderie. It feels like a home with a huge family, and I think there is no greater place to better yourself than with people who grind day in and day out with you, who sweat just as much as you, and cheer you on and help you towards your individual goals. The people of NBS have been my inspiration and I have learned so much just by watching them train. The trainers handle sessions so professionally, and I am very impressed with the team. Attending the Group training sessions is the highlight of my day!”

Yoshimi (1)