So you want to be strong, healthy, and look good naked? Part 1

What does Mr. Olympia have in common with a middle aged soccer mom? They both look at themselves in the mirror and think about the parts of their body they would like to change. In today’s body image focused society, everyone is, on some level, cognizant about their bodies and aware of how they would like them to look a little different. Sometimes I wonder what my grandfather and other members of the “Greatest Generation” would think about fat shaming, fit shaming, and selfies. I suppose we have them to thank for it after all. After getting through the depression and defeating the Axis forces in WWII, they launched this country into an accelerated state of vitality that has built up to today’s state of materialism and self focus in which everyone is expected to fall into the not so general mold. The truth is you have all the freedom to look however you like. If you don’t want to exercise, want to eat lots of food and weigh 400 lbs, you have every right to. On the same token, if you wanted to stick your finger down your throat, throw up everything you eat, over exercise and weigh 90 lbs you have the right to do that as well. Of course, the truth is you’re going to be judged no matter what you do. If you’re overweight, it’s because you’re lazy. If you’re big and muscular, it’s because you’re on steroids. Real woman have curves, strong is the new sexy, blah blah blah. Everyone is constantly trying to justify their life choices over someone else’s life choices. It would appear that one thing we all have in common is serious self esteem issues as we vie for the highest number of likes on our Facebook posts showing why our way is the best way and what special snowflakes we are. Well, for all you special snowflakes looking to make a change, let this article series be a guide to help you along the process. In Part 1, we address the most important issue: Do you have what it takes?




This might seem like a strange beginning to a post about improving yourself. Shouldn’t it start with some type of motivating list about the benefits of exercise? Let’s be honest, at this point everyone is more than aware of the benefits of exercise and quality nutrition and the health consequences of being overweight, inactive, and having poor dietary habits. Knowledge is not the problem, application is. And being as the name of my business stands for No Bull Shit, I figured I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time telling you things you already know. Instead, let’s look at reality. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and at least one-third is obese. And that’s just going off of BMI. A recent study showed showed that 29% of individuals with a normal BMI and 80% of individuals with an overweight BMI actually possessed body fat levels that would classify them as obese. To add to the issue, we’re a nation that is just really bad at reaching goals. The general consensus is that only about 10% of people stick to their New Years resolutions and I’ve seen statistics showing as high as 95% of people will fail to stick with a diet. The trend doesn’t just apply to exercise and nutrition. I’m sure you’ve seen the study showing that three-quarters of Americans live pay check to pay check with little to no savings. All these statistics make for a pretty grim outlook on the potential for ever reaching a decent level of health and fitness. Losing weight, gaining health, improving fitness are truthfully some of the easiest things to attain in this entire world. From a conceptual stand point, you just have to continually make small changes over time to accumulate the level of results you are looking for. From a practical standpoint, it takes some sacrifice. Regardless of what the statistics say, you have a choice. Everyone, EVERYONE, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, has the ability to be healthy, fit, and look good naked. But ability isn’t action, and unapplied potential is worthless. Here’s what is required to make it happen.



If you’ve ever been on some type of cleansing diet, done any type of 30 day challenge, taken any type










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