Shooting the Shit with a Strength Coach – Tuning the car

Many of you may know when people arrive by their car, it is something people correlate friends with. Prior to getting balls deep in strength training and powerlifting I was a big car guy, my first degree is in Automotive Technologies. A deal was presented to my by my pops concerning a 2008 G37s that I could not pass up so I picked it up. I instantly started to modify the car and with modifications comes the tuning process to make sure the car works properly with all the new additions to air intake and air flow.

This process took about 1.5 weeks total (just like online nutrition / programming) where I needed to record data, send it to a professional, get it “tweaked”, then upload the adjustment into my car. This process is known as “remote car tuning”. I have decided to show you the process that it entails.

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