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Shooting the Shit with a Strength Coach – Michael Waltermyer, “King of Spring”

Michael Waltermeyer is not new to powerlifting. He has previous experience but has been out of the game for over a year prior to this meet. Michael attempts to balance a crazy schedule as he is in school to be a nurse anesthetist. He busted his tail to make training sessions and pushed himself, during the process he lost a little bit of weight, gained some muscle and felt overall pretty good going into the meet. We decided not to do a water cut due to his stressful schedule. Post meet Michael decided to join the dark side again and hop on the NBS Fitness Powerlifting team, welcome, again.

Michael’s last meet, as stated above, was over a year prior to the “King of Spring”. Although it was in a slightly lighter weight class you can see significant progress was made while dealing with a hectic schedule and if you see him in person put on some good muscle as well. He had a very successful day, and posted a new total PR in the 198 weight class. His next meet he will be set up for success to increase his total and drop a weight class to join me in the 181’s.

Best lifts prior to meet:

Squat – 485

Bench – 295

Deadlift – 485

King of Spring Results:

Squat – 560

Bench – 320

Deadlift – 495

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