Shooting the Shit with A strength Coach – 4 (nite nite bobby)

There is A common theme / story among most strength coaches if you ask them about their development period getting to where they are today. In the strength and conditioning world that story is grinding with little pay (if any during an internship) and working some messed up hours. There is an amazing special ability that is learned from this make or break process if you can stick through it long enough and make a career in either the collegiate or private sector. What is this special ability you may ask? It is the ability to take a nap gosh damn anywhere you want to that is not hostile.

Now, I threw hostile in there because sometimes head coaches (who also have gone through what interns do) love to F*** with you when you are trying to sleep, so a safe environment needs to be found. I have put together three easy steps to determine a safe napping environment for all interns, trainers and anyone who is not a head coach or gym owner who ruins this sacred time.

Bobby go nite note


1) You need to be in a place no one can see you so shit like the above picture cannot happen. Anytime someone has the ability to snap a picture, the picture itself is the best case scenario. You are one click of a button away from being recorded and someone trying to scare the living shit out of you!

2) Be somewhere no one can physically touch you. When this step is broken you are asking for trouble, and this trouble can have lasting affects when attempting to take a nap. Make sure the area is clear of dense rubber objects, bands, chains, and mother F***ing cattle prods (no seriously its a thing and it is no fun)

3) Best bet to dodge all hostile environments, set up a booby trap so that your attempting prankster will never mess with you again (not really). The most effective way to defend against this sleep abuse it to live within 5 min of the facility you work at. This allows for the gain train of ZZZZZZZ’s to never be taken and you are on top of your game.

oh and Bobby, “gotcha bitch”.

To anyone that read this title and saw bobby’s picture expecting him to pass out on a deadlift, ya’ll are wrong and should be ashamed.

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