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What our clients are saying

NBS is an awesome gym. The Level Up program is great. They promote weight lifting and other competitions. There is always plenty of staff on hand. What I like most is they keep you engaged. They’ve created a friendly atmosphere so you look forward to coming each day.

David B

Far and above the best experience I have had. Only 4 months ago, I felt stuck and dreaded the idea of going back to the gym and doing the same routine, lifting the same weights, and going thru the same motions. Instead of dreading my workouts, I now look forward to them as a highlight of my day. Great
people, professional trainers, and a welcoming atmosphere. I could not ask for a better experience

Patty T.
NBS is hands down the best gym in Memphis. They have a wide array of fitness equipment, and the atmosphere is great for people that are serious about fitness and weightlifting. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are looking to take things to the next level I highly recommend this gym.
Greg L.

If you are looking to start a new workout program with all the training, tips, and nutrition help included. NBS is the place for you. There are great trainers that help you every step of the way Allison and Kaki included, they have been the best. David the owner really has set a standard for how a training facility should be run and he definitely makes sure you get the help you need every step of the way. This a professional hard working group that help you work hard. Four months in on our training and my husband and I can feel the difference in our stamina and amount of work we can do each session. Can’t wait for the next few months and see our body shape change.

NBS Fitness
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NBS Fitness
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What is it like at NBS Fitness?

They are encouraging and completely personalize everything for each person. Training and nutrition coaching is 100% worth it! Never thought I would be excited to go work out and I genuinely look forward to being at this gym each day!

Cheyenne E.

This is the only gym I have ever joined where the management team seems to actually care whether or not I come. I participate in the CrossFit classes here and appreciate the coaching staff. I am new to CrossFit and they work with me to scale the exercises so that I can still fully participate. This is not your typical gym, and I appreciate it so much because of that.

Rachel F.
Moved from another city and immediately felt at home. They do a great job of welcoming newcomers and have an amazing community!
Chris H.

Joining NBS Fitness has been such a positive and transforming impact on my health journey! The community that this gym offers has pushed me to hitting goals I never knew I could! It’s fun and I look forward to my workout everyday! I’m proud to call NBS my gym home!

Jessie P.