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Powerlifting: Be involved or shut up.

Last weekend, we hosted the RPS Memphis Classic Powerlifting meet.  For the past year or so, social media would have you believe that powerlifting is a toxic pool of politics, favoritism, and rule bastardization.  For that very reason, I have not been terribly inclined to compete or really be involved with powerlifting outside of caring for the lifters I coach or my friends that are stepping on the platform.

However, managing a gym that hosts two meets a year requires that I don’t wash my hands of it entirely.  After this weekend, I am glad I didn’t.  What is rumored to be a bunch of hot heads in a room together turned into one of the most fun meets I have attended, let alone judge.  Here are somethings that made it fun:

–Great lifters with great attitudes, regardless of the outcome of their lifts.

–Huge celebrations for personal victories.

–Gratitude from the lifters to the hosts/personnel.

–MC engagement with the crowd, resulting in riot-level noise for lifters.

–Genuine desire to see people hitting big lifts.

–Spectators jumping out of their chair to help lifters through a grind.

–Teammates losing their SHIT for their teammates.


Maybe if all you are seeing is the bad, you should get offline and get your hands dirty by helping at a meet.  Im sure glad I did.

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