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Tim Burbeck

Tim Burbeck was born and raised in  Memphis. His interests in health and fitness are rooted in overcoming his own personal health issues. As a result, he attended the University of Memphis completing his B.S. in Biology, and later a Masters in Nutrition at Ole Miss, obtaining his registration with the Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics soon after. Tim has experience in acute care, rehabilitation, dialysis, sports nutrition, and private practice. He specializes in nutrition counseling,  sports nutrition, and medical nutrition therapy. He has previously competed in powerlifting and currently participates in CrossFit.

Tim's Blog

How to Eat During the Holidays

Sweet treats and rich meals can feel like landmines for health-conscious people, yet no one wants to feel deprived during the happiest season of all. For some there is often one meal, which is no big deal. Others have very large families, which means many meals that happen throughout the end of the year. No...
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Eat With “No Ragrets” During the Holiday Season

During one wellness presentation, I asked a group of people what they thought was the average amount of weight gained during the holiday season every year in the U.S. Some people on the far end guessed an average of 10-15 pounds. Others had a little more conservative guess of about 5-7. The answer is closer to about one pound. With...
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The Mongoose is Worse Than the Snake

When I was in St. Maarten during vacation, my wife and I went on an excursion with a tour guide who drove our bus. The tour guide talked about how once in an effort to combat the snakes, they introduced mongooses to the island. For a time everything was great. The mongooses reliably cleaned out the...
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