Personal Motivation: The “Big Rocks” of Life

First off, as a disclaimer, I’m not going to sit here on my high horse and talk about all the things I know or do that you should know and do too. I’m a pretty big on the concept that one of the best ways in invoking a change is to go ahead and own the problems that you have. So this periodic blog is going to kind of be my way of owning and sharing some of my current struggles and problems in my personal or professional life, and solutions that I feel I need to be more accountable for. Selfishly, I hope that at the least this will help me progress forward, but I do hope that if you find yourself struggling with some of these issues that it may help you as well.

Time management is one of my biggest problems, as I’m sure many others can relate to. If you ask anyone that is close to me right now, I’m sure they will tell you that they’ve heard me mention not having enough time. Between my professional life, personal life with friends, family, and a significant other, my training, and just my own personal time to keep myself sane, I often feel like I have a big task(s) lingering over me. I have specifically recognized over the last few months with the move into the new NBS Fitness facilities and the expansion of my business that my prioritization skills and training frequency have not been on point like they could be. It is not the first time my training has been sacrificed due to increased workload, but it drives me absolutely insane. These frustrations brought me to think of the analogy of the “Big Rocks” of life, introduced by Dr. Stephen Covey which I had learned back in my undergraduate days. It’s a great reminder of how important prioritization is, and is something that I recognize that I need to get back to. I liked the visual impression this analogy utilizes, so I youtube’d it and found this video, among many others. I will admit it is a bit long and the music sucks, but it does get the point across (and that’s why you have a mute button).


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