Nutrition: Don’t Go it Alone.

In the New York Times Bestseller “Make Your Bed”, U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven discusses the importance of Teamwork, specifically the need to rely on others for help through difficult tasks. One difficult task that we face on a daily basis is our nutrition. With so much conflicting information available at our fingertips on a daily basis, it can be a very daunting task to filter through all of the possible diet plans, detoxes, do’s, and don’ts regarding the way that we eat. This article will discuss the importance of finding people who support you and your goals in your pursuit of improving your nutrition and your life.

Have you experienced the sound of support from people cheering you on, whether in sports, a race, Powerlifting meet, CrossFit competition, wrestling match, etc? It’s an amazing feeling having the crowd behind you, the music blasting, encouraging you as you push toward the rewards ahead. When we admire our favorite athletes or role models, we often forget that they not only have the roar of the crowd behind them, but they also have very high levels of motivation, discipline, practice, and coaching.

They certainly don’t chase their goals alone, and neither should you. Here are several reasons why having a team of support, whether from friends and loved ones, a fitness community, or a coach, can help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

  • More Motivation, Hunger, Desire

Successful habits are born from a desire to improve. Our nutrition is no different. We have to be hungry, not to eat everything in the fridge, but to make the changes necessary to put us on our desired track. Visulizing a healthier body, and having the guts to think bigger and demand more of ourselves are great first steps toward change.

  • Momentum from Consistent Practice

We all know that repetition is important when adopting a new habit or learning a new skill. We have to do the work, consistently pay attention, learn, get better, and measure progress. Setting a New Years resolution, working at it for the short term and then quitting, or waiting until the “right time”, will not develop consistency. Consistency is built by always being in the game.

  • Developing a Strategy and Determining Action Steps

Habit formation is accelerated by having a plan, being humble enough to ask for help, and determining the primary first steps to put us on a path toward progress. People who succeed toward their goals are most often those that acknowledge that they can’t do everything on their own, value the perspective of those they trust, and seek accountability and smarter ways of eating and living.

  • Social Support

Successful people surround themselves with successful people. I have always liked the quote, “You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If the people you spend the most time with are eating out multiple nights a week, pounding drinks on the weekends, and not taking proactive steps to improve their health, chances are you will fall into the same patterns. But if you spend time with people who share their favorite recipes, who cook healthy meals regularly , and make their fitness and nutrition a daily priority, you will be more likely to practice those habits as well.

  • Role Models

What was the last movie, documentary, autobiography, or social media post that really inspired you? Who fires you up when you hear from them? What strategies have you adopted from people who you admire? If you can’t answer those questions, it’s time to seek out some role models. Learn from people who have adopted the eating habits you wish to adopt. Grow your knowledge of hydration, protein, carbs, fat, meal prep, food tracking, etc. And don’t forget to be a role model yourself. You never know who is watching you!

  • Urgency

Have you ever noticed how many people begin to workout, eat healthy, and have more of an interest in their overall lifestyle after they experience a health scare? Once they come to the realization that neglecting positive habits has put them in a life threatening situation, they (hopefully) make better use of their time and begin to change their priorities. Sometimes that’s what it takes, and they reach out for help. But you don’t have to wait for an unfortunate diagnosis or scare to push you in the right direction.

The truth is, we all excel more when we are part of a community and are learning from people who value the same things that we value. We all need accountability and support in our endeavors, especially when it comes to our nutrition. If you are looking for people to push you, to motivate you, and to help you establish a plan for your success, you will find that at NBS. We have an awesome community of all ages and fitness levels, and a team of coaches willing to help you. We, as coaches and fitness enthusiasts, have experienced struggles and uphill battles of our own, and we have the knowledge and tools to assist you as you paddle toward your destination. Get started today.

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