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Episode 70: Adapting training when you have kids

Wow! This is an episode so many of us can relate to! Ryan McFadyen joins David on the podcast to discuss his fitness journey, how it’s changed through the years and how it’s most recently changed after welcoming twin boys into his family.  Talk to Us About Your Goals: https://www.nbsfitness.net/no-sweat-intro/ Connect with NBS Website: https://www.nbsfitness.net/...
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Episode 69: CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: Barry Wicktom

    In this episode, longtime member Barry Wicktom shares about his health and fitness journey. Since joining NBS, Barry has lost 45lbs of body fat, put on muscle and set an incredible example for his family. Barry now has his sights set on his next step… Everesting! This is an incredible episode!   Talk...
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Episode 68: HOT TAKE: Hot and Cold Exposure

In this episode, David discusses Hot and Cold Exposure, including saunas, ice baths, and more. Do they work? When is it best to implement these tools? How do you get started with hot and cold exposure? Check out this episode to learn all this and more! Talk to Us About Your Goals: https://www.nbsfitness.net/no-sweat-intro/ Connect with NBS...
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Episode 67: Navigating Injuries – Three coaches with a combined 30+ years experience share

Angie Foree, Chris Hoppe, and David Allen discuss all things related to injuries. If you’ve ever suffered an injury, you know how frustrating it can be. If you’ve ever suffered the ill effects of poor lifestyle choices (sedentary lifestyle and poor diet) – you know how equally frustrating that can be. In this episode Coaches...
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Episode 66: EXPERT INTERVIEW: All Things Supplements with Nutrition Coach and RN Cheyenne Caldwell

In this episode, Nutrition Coach and Registered Nurse Cheyenne Caldwell join David to discuss all things supplements. This was a HIGHLY requested episode and we are so excited for you to listen. NOTE: You’ll notice the audio on this episode is slightly different than a normal episode, we had an issue with the microphones. This...
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Episode 65: 2023 Theme A Why To Train For

Chris Hoppe is back on the pod, this time as HOST! He and David discuss the 2023 Theme at NBS, “A Why to Train For”. As we start the new year, this episode is a MUST. Take notes, and plan to go back and work through some of the thoughts they explore on this episode....
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Episode 64: HOT TAKE: What’s the role of Motivation in your 2023 fitness plan??

  The one and only Angie Foree is BAAACK on NBS Fitness Radio to talk about motivation and its role in your health and fitness journey. We hear from people often that they are “feeling motivated”, which is a good starting point, but not what’s going to carry you through to reaching your goals or...
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Episode 63: Client Success Story: Allie Crumpton. A strong WHY and over 70lbs down.

  NBS Collierville’s very own Allie Crumpton joins David on the podcast to share her amazing health and fitness journey. Since starting her journey, Allie has lost over 70lbs. She joined NBS in February 2022 and is such an inspiration. Allie shares her WHY and discusses the importance of articulating your strong why to make...
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Episode 62: Lifespan, Healthspan and Dr. Peter Attia’s 5 Levers of Fitness. A convo with Chris Hoppe

This episode started as David’s monthly email, but received such good feedback, we decided to turn it into an episode and explore the topics more in-depth! In this episode, Director of Training Chris Hoppe joins David to discuss healthspan (how long you live), lifespan (your quality of life), how to set quality physical goals for...
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