Mobility of The Month – November

The majority of people suffer from tight hamstrings. It’s one of the leading causes in postural issues and back pain, especially in golfers. This month’s mobility exercise will help in fixing that problem. It’s very simple. Just lie on your back with one leg straight against the floor and the other leg at a 90-degree angle off the floor, with your hands placed behind your knee. From this position, you will preform 2 different movements. For the first movement, keep your foot extended (pointing away from you) and extend your leg.

Do this movement 10xs before performing the second part. For the second movement, return to the original position, but this time I want you to flex your foot (bring your toes towards you).

Just like the previous movement, I want you to perform it 10xs. This exercise isn’t the most comfortable (as you can see from the article picture) but it is very effective!

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