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The Many things I am grateful for & learned traveling.

*Technology has allowed us amazing opportunities.

– Booking a plane ticket

– Taking a plane across an ocean in less than one day!

– Giving humans the skills to land said plane (nerve racking)

– Communicating with people who do not speak your language (not even a little)

– Giving us directions to amazing views and experiences

*Grateful for good people

– Fiends willing to drop off and pick you up from airport

– A girlfriend who takes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to a different country

– Kind human beings that show hospitality to you visiting their home.


– For cleanliness (Japan made every place in the US look dirty)

– Great minds to come up with things like train/subway systems, super cars, sky scrapers, ect.

-Food (especially the stuff from home)

– A training facility that has amazing equipment

– Military and how rough their work schedule and living conditions are while forward deployed


– my own car

– my own room

– large appliances

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