Jennie Allen: Wait for the Photo Bomb….. Monday, June 2

The final week of a workout series is always brutal. David made me do big boy push ups. They look pretty pitiful. Thanks to Jeff Mason for creating a little distraction. 

Monday (shoulders & triceps)
Seated DB Cleans 4×12 (45 sec break) 8 lb DB
Hammer Shoulder Press 1.5 reps Max 10 20,30,35,40
Seated Side Raises 3xMax 1 min (1 min break) 8 lb DB
Fat Grip EZ Bar Skullies 1.5 reps Max 10 bar, 5,10,15, 20 fail at 8
Single Arm Reverse Handle Pressdowns 8×8 (no break) 22.5 
Pushups 3xMax (30 sec break) 11,7,4 Hello, Jeff!

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