Hiring a Personal Trainer vs Online Programming Part 2

Online programming is a useful tool in the strength world that everyone on a fitness journey may benefit from. This ranges from the unexperienced to elite level athletes through out all disciplines. Annie did a great job of explaining how to get the most out of online programming in her recent article . After several years of practicing and being around other great coaches who program online, here are my reasons for choosing online programming.

Online programming is perfect for the fitness enthusiast’s that have a particular goal and understand their way around a weight room but need guidance reaching their goal, online programming is definitely for you. Whether your goals are powerlifting, physique, or sports related, having a coach who can program you to “peak” for your desired discipline will be key. Having more variables of your training controlled by professionals makes preparation for competitions much easier than attempting to do it yourself. General fitness clients that are training to stay fit or lose weight who have been with a trainer before can also greatly benefit from online programming. There is an art to this aspect of the fitness world and some are really good at it while others can keep you from progressing. Due tot his be sure to research the individuals you are looking into taking the reins of your training.

Another reason for choosing online programming is if you have found a fitness professional that you look up to and agree with their training methods but live far away. There is no better way to form a working relationship and a better understanding of a particular training method than someone who implements the style of training you want to test out. Many of my teammates at Elitefts have different training methods who’s professional services I would like to seek out in order to experience their programming and learn from it to help expand my professional skill set as a coach. Make sure you continue with the program long enough and give the progression a chance. You may not have instant success swapping over because it is a new style of training. Too often I see people swapping programs only after four weeks, this is silly and a dis-service to yourself.

Individuals who have a very busy schedules are another perfect fit for online programming. They can make time for the gym but not consistent enough to meet a personal trainer or decipher program methods to fit your goals. As stated in point one, this takes the thinking part out of training. You can get your mind ready to train and not worry yourself over things like, “should I go heavier, was that the right choice, eat…”  Online programming allows more flexibility of the time component than personal training.

Online programming may be the key to unlocking hidden potential that an experienced coach can pull from you. Be sure to seek out styles of programs you have researched and would enjoy to learn more about and watch how much time is saved when you leave this aspect of your training to an experienced coach!

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