From the Hip: questions that people should be asking, but aren’t?

Me and the majority of people who put content out on this page have dedicated themselves in growing their education towards their field of expertise. That being said if you are reading this chances are you have access to some very smart minds regarding training, rehab, business, life balance and the list goes on. So with that being said,

What are some questions that people should be asking, but aren’t?

  • How do I (insert any freaking exercise you can think of)
  • can you watch my form
  • how do you set up bands and chains
  • how do you use this equipment properly and the most efficiently
  • what are some HIIT ideas
  • why do I suck at this lift
  • how do you balance training and everything outside of training
  • how do you deal with injuries and training
  • Can we  schedule a session
  • how do I activate (insert muscle) properly
  • what do you mean by (insert statement)
  • where do these go so I can put them up
  • where is the chalk
  • how do I join the powerlifting team
  • how do I go about getting programming
  • what kind of shoes should I wear
  • how do you stay healthy while constantly being under weight
  • who sits in the office upstairs and never comes down (not serious)
  • Annie, is gunshow really your last name (serious)
  • Angie, are you a good roller skater?
  • Bobby, did you used to run a lot?
  • Ryan, do you even lift?

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