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Gunshow 08/16/14 Dylan Harris Charity Smackdown

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Confession:  today, three weeks out from Memphis Strongest Man, I did a crossfit competition. I realize how potentially this was not a good idea.  In fact, in light of some weird numbness in my hands, I was fairly certain I wasnt going to do it.  I was going to go, spectate, explain my stance and let that be that.  In route to the event, I stopped and got some trail mix….and some ice cream.  Eating ice cream for breakfast + no evening gym hours = Gunshow is doing a crossfit comp.

Also, this really was for a good cause.  Dylan is a great guy who has been given a really rough go the last few months.  As someone who has been on the receiving end of charitable efforts, this is the sort of thing I would hate to not be able to do.  I babied a few exercises that might give me some problems in the ole shoulders/hands and came out uninjured.  If this means I totally bomb at my Memphis meet in three weeks (which is HIGHLY doubt), then so be it.

First event was a Pullup/Overhead Press event.  Overhead weight was cake so I wasnt too worried there, and I just kept it cool on the pullups and did one at a time.  Finished just before the time cap.

Second event was a snatch/overhead squat complex ladder.  At one point, I had a really great Oly friend that gave me some pointers.  Those seem to have been archived somewhere in my brain as I muscle snatched every.single.rep.  (SORRY NATE!)  That being said, I muscle snatched/overhead squatted 135lb pretty easily and got pretty far in the ladder, only leaving one weight untouched.

third event was kind of atrocious.

30 wall ball

25 Kettlebell swings

20 ring dips (the death of me)

15 front squats (my saving grace)

10 burpee box overs

15 front squats

20 ring dips

25 KBS

30 wall ball.

this had a 15 minute cap on it.  I did not make it back to the front squats, but not very many did. The ring dips took the life out of me.

Ended up taking second, which was pretty cool!  Met a  lot of cool people, and surely burned off that fateful ice cream. 🙂

I will be back on my regular programming next workout!

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