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The drop out rate for fitness is higher than that of Navy Seals? About 80-90% of people will give up on their fitness routine within the first 5 months. Of those that do stick with it, many will eventually hit a rut, get complacent, stop making progress and quit.

I’ve been there myself. Since the time I started training I’ve always competed in something. Whether it was football, baseball, powerlifting, or bodybuilding, there was always something to motivate me to get in the gym.

Part of the reason this worked so well was for each of these pursuits is I had a goal, I had a plan, and I had a team. With this, success wasn’t just probably, it was almost easy.

A couple years ago, I took a break from competing in anything and I struggled to find the motivation to train. I took some time off and got complacent. I was in a rut.

Luckily, I realized that regardless of whether I was trying to hit a PR total in a powerlifting meet or just be healthy and fit for my family, I needed the same thing to make it happen: a goal, a plan, and a team.

Whether you’re wanting to get ready for a competition or wanting to be the most healthy and fit version of yourself possible, we want to help make that happen.

We want to set up a 15 minute goal setting session with you. And we’ll check your body fat on our new Skulpt for FREE! Regardless of where you are in your journey, You’ll be glad you did.​​

Schedule a Goal Setting Session and get a Free Body Fat Scan

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