Distractable Me

Let me ask you a question. Do you ever find yourself getting distracted from doing the things that you need to do to become the best possible version of yourself? I know that for myself, it is a never-ending struggle to stay on track towards reaching my goals and even completing simple tasks, such as cleaning up and doing the laundry. In this day and age, it seems like the distractions are everywhere. I get distracted from my phone, Facebook, Instagram, the T.V. and the list goes on forever. I would have preferred to scroll through Facebook instead of starting this article. Seriously, I am the master of procrastination. I will put things off until the absolute last minute, and I can’t stand the fact that I do that.

Yesterday, I was training one of my clients, and I started to ask her what she thought I should write about. I then started telling her how I put everything off until the last minute, and how I always have so many things that I need to get done that I just become overwhelmed by. Surprisingly, she told me that it was obvious why I felt that way. I was looking at everything I  had to do with tunnel vision; I was seeing it all at one time, and it was overwhelming to me. It made me not even want to start any of the tasks before me. My client owns her own labeling company, and from my perspective she seems to have experienced a bit of success in her life. With that in mind, I asked her what she does to stay on top of things. I asked her if she kept a to-do list, and she said she does. However, a to-do list isn’t the end all be all to staying on track towards success and becoming the best version of yourself.

She then started to tell me how I’m already on track towards becoming the best version of myself. I’ve chosen to surround myself with like- minded people, who, in one way or another, have experienced success. Now, for those people to get to that point, they had to face struggles in their pursuit to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving what their idea of success was. Part of these struggles that the people that I’m surrounded by probably included becoming constantly distracted by even the smallest of things. It always makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who faces hard times in becoming the person that you want to be.

So, what’s better than a to-do list? Staying focused on 3 main goals that equal success. The first goal is accessibility. What does this mean? Accessibility means being available to many people, so you don’t ever miss an opportunity. For myself, I need to make sure that I am readily available to all of my clients, as well as anyone else in my life who may need me. Something as simple as missing an email could mean missing the opportunity of a lifetime. Even if its something small like missing a text, these things start out as small, bad habits, but soon grow into major problems. Always stay accessible.

The second goal is reliability. This means to always do what you say you will do, even if you don’t feel like it. I can’t tell you how many times I have just skipped out on doing something, or put it off to the very last minute because I didn’t feel like doing it. Get your lazy butt up and do what you say you are going to do! Did you ever have a friend that was unreliable and you always told yourself, “Man! I’m glad to have that person as a friend!” No, I doubt you did. So, I will work on being a more reliable person and friend.

The last goal is velocity. Weird, right? What I mean by velocity is performing any task in a quick, but quality-focused manner. The faster you do things effectively, the more you are able to take on. If you have something to do, don’t drag it out forever. Get it done! For myself, this means to not piddle and let things like my phone and Facebook distract me when I need to write a program, blog, or an article. I cannot even count the times I stare mindlessly at my phone, and before I know it an hour is gone. Boom! I just wasted an hour of time when I could have already finished two tasks I needed to complete.

I believe that this process is much more effective than sitting around thinking about everything I need to get done, getting overwhelmed, scrolling Facebook, then deciding to take a nap because I’m just too stressed to do anything. For most people, their idea of success is being able to live the life that they want by working in a profession that they enjoy. I’m still working on achieving the life I want, but I certainly enjoy my profession. It’s days like yesterday and conversations like the one I had with my client that make me really love what I do. I learn something new almost everyday. If you’re not learning, then you’re not living.

I hope that you can find ways to apply these 3 goals to your life and be on your way to becoming closer to your idea of success, and the best possible version of yourself. These 3 goals should work for anyone no matter what field they are in. The concept is always the same. Staying true to these 3 goals is much easier than having a lengthy, overwhelming, never-crossed-off to-do list.


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  1. Meemaw

    As I get older, I can surely identify with putting things off-especially things I’m not fond of doing. But as you said, just do it and get it over with. I, too, am a master of wasting time that could be spent doing something productive.

    I’m glad you are in a job you love.

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