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What: Deadlift and donations is an opportunity for you to compete, enjoy community, and give charitably during the holiday season. All donation money will go towards providing Christmas presents and donation money to foster children in the Memphis area. The two children we will be helping this year are 3 year old twins Lucy and Lucas.

How: The contest is simple: you will weigh in, then complete as many reps of deadlift as possible in 1 minute. Guys will be doing two times (2x) their bodyweight and girls will be doing one and a half times (1.5x) their bodyweight. Conventional or sumo stance, straps are allowed, all deadlifts will be done from the floor using standard size plates. There will be a down command given for every completed rep. We will also have a scaled division where guys will be doing 1.5x their bodyweight and girls will do 1x their bodyweight.

When: The contest will be held from 10am-12pm on Saturday, November 25th. If you are out of town and/or can’t make it during that time, we also have the option of a video submission. Please submit your video to along with your weight (honor system). Video must show the entire body during the lift from the side position. Video submissions are due by Monday at 6pm.

Cost: The cost is $20. You can bring cash or we can charge your card on file. Again, all proceeds will go towards providing Christmas presents for Lucy and Lucas and donations to the foundation that supports them.

Prizes: We will give away prizes to the guy and girl who complete the most reps. The prize will be a Christmas basket with goodies including a NBS Fitness Performance Long Sleeve T Shirt, a set of wrist wraps, and a $50 credit to your NBS Fitness account. If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be the number or reps you complete x weight lifted x .03333 + weight lifted then we will plug that into a wilks calculator with your weight.

Registration: Very simple, just come in on the 25th between 10am and 12pm and let either Annie or I know that you want to compete. We’ll get your donation, weigh you in, and then score your deadlifts. For video submission, just send the to before 6pm on Monday the 27th.

Come out, have some fun, and let’s make a positive impact on our local community.

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