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David 7-2-14 ME Bench

Work has been kicking my butt lately. The gym is growing and so have my responsibilities. I train around 30-35 hours a week and do another 30-40 hours a week of gym owner stuff. So I was worn out today from the get go. I got to take a little nap before my training session, turned the volume up to a level where conversation can’t take place, and ended having a great workout. I’ve been trying to build my lockout up a bunch and have been doing a ton of tricep work, looks like its paying off.

ME NCL Bench x2 raw w/chains (95,135,185,225,slingshot 275,315, +40, +80, +120
Close Grip Floor Press 60 reps (185 17,33,45,54,60)
Overhead V Bar Tricep Extensions 3×10 (160)
Elbow Out Incline Tricep Extensions 6×6 (45)
Single Arm Cable Pressdowns 3×15 (60)
Band Pull a Part Super Series 3×10 each (mini)

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