David 11-4-14 (chest, shoulder, triceps)

Programming by Shelby Starnes

11-4-14 (chest, shoulder, triceps)
Hammer Decline Bench Press 4×20,15,12,10, 2 count hold at top (increase weight each set) (70,80,90,100 each side)
Hammer Incline Bench Press Work up to tough set of 8 with 3 count negative, shorten range of
motion at top and bottom (45,55,65,75,85,90) each side
Flat Bench Rack slide Work up to tough set of 15 reps, 1 second pause on chest, don’t lock out (115,135,135)
DB Front Raise 3×12 w/3 count negative (20)
A1: Machine Rear Lateral 4×15 (60,70,70,70)
A2: Face Pulls 4×10 w/1 count hold (60)
A3: Band Pullaparts 4×10 w/1 count hold (mini)
Tricep Straight Bar Pushdowns 6×12 w/1 count hold, 45 sec break (110)


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