Cool shit I did this month

July was another super cool month.

Heres some shit I did!

1.) Bought a new car: The truth is, Jeep isn’t a great everyday driver and gets terrible gas mileage. Further, Kilo doesn’t fit really well in the Jeep. So…after months and month and months of just totally blowing it off and not getting a new car, I bought a new SUV one day during my lunch break.  It was kind of a split decision but I am glad I finally did.

2.) Traveled to The Netherlands:  I had a really cool opportunity (intentionally vague) that took me to Amsterdam this last week. I stayed in Amsterdam and was blown away by how pretty that place is.

3.) Reduced my cardio: this isn’t as cool when I type about it, but its super cool to only be doing a manageable amount of cardio

4.) During a trip earlier this month to Los Angelas, I had a layover in Chicago where I COMPLETELY LOST MY WALLET AND ALL FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION.  While that wasn’t cool, I was able to do some extra security measures and complete my trip. I have now traveled, by plane, across the country with no money except my starbucks gift card app (got me food and drink) and expedia (accessed itinerary and booked hotels.)


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