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Christian Anto: wk8 day5 SPF Nationals

2nd Bench day. I am replacing my speed bench day with another “max effort day” but keeping it lighter to work on movement patterns. last week I stayed at 225 lbs this week is 236lbs

– Drop down Pushups from 45lb bumper plates (pain with this in triceps. will not be doing again) 5×5
– bench 3×5: 235
– High rows – reverse grip – push out on handles 6×8: 70lbs a side
– JM press 8×10: 65lbs (pain with this as well)
– DB shrugs 3x failure: 80lbsx30 – 100lbsx20 – 100lbsx16
– Grenade ball bicep cable curls 100
– Standing behind the neck rope tricep ext. 100: 20lbsx50 – 30lbsx50

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