Christian Anto: WK8 Day4 EliteFTS!!!

We and David rolled up to Ohio for the EliteFTS Sports Summit Presentations. There was an overload of knowledge to say the least, presentations started a little after 8 (and other than lunch and a few 10 min breaks) through 7pm. Friday night upon arrival we trained at JL’s “The Spot” Athletics and closed it down. Sunday though was THE day where I was allowed to accompany David to train at THE “Compound”. I was fortunate enough to train along side Dave Tate, Buddy Morris, Joe Schillero, and of course David.
It took a few minutes to get used to the Metal Catapult and my last set ended up being the best.

Sling Shot Bench press 2×2@ 455

Cambered Bar OH Press 3×10@ 25’s
Sing. Arm Cable Lat. Raises 3×15@ 17.5 (diff. Cable setup)

Meadows Rows 3×15@ 25
Db Pull Overs 3×10@ 60
Kneeling Banded Crunches: 3×15@ grey

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