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Christian Anto: WK7 Day2

My beloved tricep bicep pain has returned!!!!! yay…. (gun to head). I recently disclosed my rough weekend, but I hardly believe that is the cause. This exact time last cycle training with the triphasic program this began to occur. My only explanation is we started on a “closer to normal” squat bar (buffalo bar) and my shoulder mobility was not as good as I thought it has ben getting. With the dynamic movement and the strain on my shoulder I presume that is where the pain is coming from. Shoulder mobility efforts will be be increased to every day!!!

Morning Lift
Tricep pain
Incline Bench Press: 5×2@ 275 (pain)
Neutral Grip DB Bench Press: 5×3@ skip (pain)

Afternoon Lift
Str8 Bar Ext: 2×15@ 140
Standing Behind Neck ext: 2×10@ 70

Face Pull: 2×15@ 80
Snatch Grip Bent Over Row: 2×10@ 145

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