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Christian Anto: WK5 Day3

So programing calls for 120lbs in chains at the top which is 6 chains total (each chain = 20lbs). Unfortunately I am short as hell so each chain goes from 20 to 12 lbs at lockout. so I added chains to 8 chains total and we did the math (after) and I still fell short of prescribed weight needed in chains, was around 65-100 lbs. Lesson learned. I made damn sure I had all 120lbs of chains working on my deadlifts today though

Spider Bar + chains (use your comp stance): 4×1@ 500 + 8 chains (about 95-100lbs)
Opposite Stance Deadlifts w/chains off 3 matts: 3×1@ 505 + 120 in chains

Pin Good mornings: 4×10@ 135 (pin 17)
Reverse Hypers: 4×15@ 180

Reverse Crunches: 4×10@ BW
Standing Rope Cable Crunches: 4×15@ 60

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