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Christian Anto: wk15 day4 (2 weeks out) SPF Nationals

Usually Saturdays our team does a upper dynamic effort bench. I have been battling triceps issues this while cycle and DE Bench is one of the movements the elicited more pain. So I replaced them with just a heavy 5×5 to lock in form.
Last week you may recall me complaining of my butt lifting, and the changes I made to try and help with little success as all my lifts were slow. Well I tweaked some things and wanted to get as close to my setup as I have been this whole cycle. By things I tweaked I mean the size of my singlet (lol). All I needed was a singlet that was not skin tight and my butt stayed “on” the pad.

Bench 5×5: 255
Seated Rope Tri. Ext.: 60
Low Row Holds: 80/side

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