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Christian Anto: wk15 Day1 (3 weeks out) SPF Nationals

Reverse band 3rd attempt squat day! I have never attempted these before so the outcome was quite comical. Warm ups mechanically was smooth but had a nagging pain in my medial quads. I thought I was going to have to cut my session short. Once the knee wraps were slapped I was good to go, my adrenaline was so high I think it numbed the pain. My opener actually moved slower than my 2nd attempt. My reverse band adventure took about 10 min to hear suggestions by several people on how to set up the bands and what weight to use. I ended up listening to my coach (which ended up being to much tension). I used ElieteFTS Light bands with a carabiner clip slapped 650 on the bar and went for a ride. I was so pumped and expected a lot of weight and generated maximal force out of the hole and shot up so fast the weight felt like 500lbs. Oh well, lesson learned.

– Reverse band 3rd attempts: 330×2 – 380×2 – 420 – 470 – 530? – 570 – 605 – 650 rev bands
– paused squats 3×4: 400lbs

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