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Christian Anto: wk 20 day 2 (3.5 wks out) SPF South of the Boarder

So today was a great training session. The last month my triceps have been causing me excruciating pain. I have not benched well or anything heavy the last few weeks because of this. This exact same issue haunted me till the last few weeks of training before nationals. Well, here we are again a few weeks out from nationals and I am NEEDING to get some heavy benches in.

I have been consistently seeing our massage therapist and teammate Yvonna (if you need recovery massages this woman’s skills are seriously amazing). Along with minor help from NBS’ member and house PT Taylor, and Jason a member also skilled chiropractor I have made it onto a recovery track.

Today started out with nerves but as the weight got heavy and no real pain was present I pushed it. I ended with my third attempt I hit at nationals months ago. My program called for a 10 lb PR but I was tired, the last set was slow so I shut it down. I will wait to recover and come back next week and hit a new PR which should set me up to do very well in the next SPF meet.

Bar 1×5
95 2×5
190 1×5
265 1×3
320 1×1
340 1×1
355 1×1
375 1×1

Speed Deads w/ chains
6×3 @ 315 + 60 chain

Speed Squats w/ bands:
6×3 @265 against monster bands

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