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Christian Anto: SPF Nationals 1605 @ 181

So this past Saturday 7-22-14 is when it was time to put the last 17 week training cycle to the test. Many parts of my training I doubted towards the end but it ended up being a silly doubt because the meet went extremely well for me.

During training I could not bench for nearly 8 weeks out of 17 due to tricep pain. After consulting healthcare professionals at the best gym in Memphis we were able to decrease pain which allowed me to bench and get a huge PR!


Squat: 570 – 605 – 615

( the way 605 felt it scared me out of attempting 625, after watching the video I definitely had 625)

Bench: 340 – 360 (miss) – 375

(Missed 360 due to the same butt raising issue. I took a gamble at going above and beyond my planned third attempt to get the total I was so hungry for). The strength was there but since I changed my “stance” on bench there was not much room for error, so I picked the right number for my attempt.

Deadlift: 550 – 605 – 615

These lifts form wise were probably the “worst”, as you see in my video my hips always rose which suggests I had them to low every time. This just made the weight off the floor more difficult, the second the weight left the floor I knew I had it. On this day if I got a 4th attempt I could have pulled 625.

In SPF I am now ranked 4th in totals, 3rd in full power squat, tied for 15th full power bench, and 6th in full power deadlift. I also took state records in Mississippi on every lift for my class.

Nationally (powerlifting watch) this meet got me ranked 6th overall in totals and 7th in squat

Thank you to my coach David Allen, you have taught me everything I know and guided me to these accomplishments. Thank you teammates that supported me and came out even when you were not lifting. To everyone that was cheering in my videos, THANK YOU.

Special shout out to camera woman an my client Melissa for being awesome and going above and beyond to help this team.

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