Christian Anto: 8-11-14 HYPERTROPHY SPF December

This off season was a little different because I really wanted to compete twice this year. I did not get to work fully on cardiovascular endurance as I wanted but I got In 2 weeks of muscular endurance which killed me. This allowed me to recover much easier than what I was used to. I also got a full physical during this off season making sure I am healthy and ready to push it again. Doctor was pleased with results. No tricep pain from high volume and I am staying on top of shoulder work through massages (Massages By Yvonna) which are painful but THE SHIIIIIT, band work, and chiropractic care.

First week back with any moderate amount if weight.

-Laying Ham. Curls (single leg) 3x failure: 40lbs
-wide hack squat 6×6: 6 plates
-reverse Hyper 3×15: 140
-banded X walks 20 yards x2: Red
-Glute Bridges: 100
– plank series 10x10sec contractions 3x

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