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Bringing Back Quality Health Care

Here at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, we provide performance-based care for conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Our mission is to provide the members of our community access to the same results-based, quality health care that is typically reserved for collegiate and professional sports teams. Most competitive athletes form personal, long term relationships with their health care providers. This is for a few reasons 1) Because a competitive athlete is pushing their body to the absolute limit, they constantly require help to keep them recovering and performing at their best. 2) As the doctor-patient relationship develop over enough time, the practitioner is able to develop a unique understanding of how their patient’s body works, leading to more mutual benefit. In this paradigm, the standards and expectations for both parties are clear and mutual: Keep the patient’s body as healthy as possible for as long as possible, no matter what it costs.

You can’t make plays if you’re sidelined with an injury.


Take a second to re-read that last part. No matter what it COSTS. No patient who enters a relationship with their doctor on the basis of doing what is best for their body has ever seriously been concerned about costs. Why? Because they understand the value of their body being healthy.

For a competitive athlete, this is an easy conclusion, but it’s a conclusion that we can all arrive at. Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, your body and your health brings VALUE to your life. You may not be relying on your body to avoid a tackle or hit a 300ft homerun in order to pay your rent, but your body still brings you value in your life. It could be as strenuous as hitting a new PR in the gym or as simple as playing catch with your kids in the backyard. Regardless of your priorities in life, your quality of health directly impacts your quality of life. Unfortunately, far too many people neglect this principle and place little to no value on their health until it has deteriorated to the point in which the feel the full burden of their decisions.

Unfortunately, not only does our current model of health care not hold the same standards for quality and results seen in care for collegiate and professional athletes, it rarely emphasizes any sort of actual prevention. The idea of preventative wellness care is similar to performance care in that we understand that the body is constantly under chronic stressors from which it is constantly adapting. The vast majority of our most common, life-threatening, and costly health care conditions are chronic in their nature (etiology).

Preventative wellness care is based upon the concept that if we can battle these chronic stressors with exercise, a good diet, and utilizing services from conservative health care sources such as chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc., we can reduce the chronic degradation of the body and actually prevent problems such as heart disease and diabetes from occurring in the first place.



Think about the original wellness care provider – dentists. What is every dentist’s main objective? To prevent tooth decay. How does tooth decay occur? It occurs when plaque, tartar, and other destructive elements slowly wear away at teeth over a long period of time (this is the definition of chronic disease). So what do dentists say is the best way you can prevent tooth decay? A mix of daily activities that you perform on your own such as brushing and flossing AND regular, periodic trips to the dentist for a check up inspection and a cleaning to get all the little spots you may not be able to cover with brushing or flossing. Is this a grand scheme by dentists to make billions of dollars selling you care that you don’t need? Absolutely not. In fact, by spending the money regularly for preventative care and accepting your responsibility to hold up your end of the deal by practicing dental hygiene every day, and not eating bad food, there are massive benefits for your teeth AND your wallet. Not only will you have nice, pearly teeth instead of yellow, worn, or even missing teeth, you also avoid the higher costs of more complicated procedures like pulling a tooth or getting a filling. Fair to say that this is a win-win right? 



This then begs the question: Why would it be any different for the rest of your body, specifically the most important structure in your body, the spine? If you think your teeth are under chronic stress, imagine how much stress your spine is under in an everyday basis. Although no one likes having a root canal, in a few days you are back to chewing and masticating like nothing happened. But injuries to the spine that could have prevented by practicing SPINAL hygiene and receiving regular preventative wellness care could keep you out of commission for weeks,  months, or even years.

So what’s the point? In sports medicine care, we do everything we can to prevent injuries for our athletes and provide the highest quality health care possible. Injuries are a part of sports and life, but the purpose of a sports medicine team is never to sit around and wait until someone gets hurt. We make sure we have the educational resources, dietary recommendations, access to the best equipment, and the best professionals to identify areas that are susceptible to injury.

Seems like a good way to keep an athlete at tip top shape right? So why not mimic that with a general population? Why not provide access to education, services, and professionals that are geared towards preventing a severe spinal injury or metabolic syndrome, or giving you the ability to continue doing the activities you love to do? Why wait until your health is taken away from you to be concerned about it? After all, by the time your dentist has discovered that you have one cavity, there’s probably about three or four more that are well on their way.



The only way to provide higher quality health care and allow for a return to results-based care and a personal relationship between doctor and patient. As with any industry, quality still has a direct relationship with cost in health care. Our business model is to be the Ferrari of health care. We do not offer low quality health care services for low prices with the hope of making up for it by treating 100 patients a day.

We also provide outlets to the best team of fitness professionals at NBS Fitness for our patients. Nutritional services? Training advice? Personal Training? Individualized training programs? Weight loss plans? The pros at NBS Fitness have you covered. And why wouldn’t we want to team up with services like that? We firmly believe that when it comes to your health, no one wants the Dollar Store of health care, and there is a demographic of patients who understand that the value in high quality care.

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